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  • Mirbel, C.F.B. de, 1813. Nouvelle classification des fruits. Nouveau bulletin des sciences, Société philomatique, 3, 313-319.
  • Spjut, R. W., 1994. A systematic treatment of fruit types. Memoirs of the New-York Botanical Garden, 70, 1-181.
    • This book considers terms as if they were plant names. The advantage is that each term comes with a discussion about the first author who used or coined it, and susequent evolutions. The philosophy is that each type of fruit from a morphological point of view should bear a name, which leads to the creation of a great many names. Most people consider that this is unnecessary.
  • Wagenitz, G., 1976. Was ist ein Achäne? Zur Geschichte eines karpologischen Begriffs. Candollea, 31, 79-85.
    • Important article, which shows that different national traditions or languages may use terms in different ways. Knowing and documenting this allows to understand why the use of terms may seem unconsistent.